A VISIT WITH GRANDMA | Maryland, Virgina, D.C. Family Photographer

There was food everywhere! One of my favorite things about my mother is her ability to whip up tasty creations...sometimes out of thin air! She was a magician in the kitchen when I was growing up; we were always hungry and she made us food. Not just any food, some of the most delicious meals I've ever tasted! Lucky me, yes. But the drawback, no one's version ever tops hers- sadly, including my own attempts.  Raise your hand if you can relate!


So a few weeks ago my mom came for a visit and its no surprise that I had a long list of things for her to cook...I helped....a little ;) We made beef vegetable soup, roast beef, potato soup, beef rouladen, cabbage tamales, the most amazing chocolate cake (with homemade frosting), brownies and spritz cookies. Ahhh....alas she had to return home, and she took her cookbook with her- DRAT! Unfortunately we didn't get around to making her chili, meat pie, roast beef hash, or sliders (chicken and dumplings). I've made these meals along side her so many time but when I make them it's just not the same. Her enthusiasm for the recipe and its ingredients comes through and she knows just what's missing! A dash of this or a sprinkle of that. It truly makes all the difference!


I'll keep working on it. Maybe some day I'll get it right, that finesse and nuance, and maybe my children will have a similar fondness for their mom's home cooking.


While she was here the weather was AMAZING, only days before the horrible cold snap that is currently keeping us locked indoors. But we were able to take a little time to capture Grandma with her grand kids. Why didn't I take pictures of the food!?!? Oh lord WHHHHHHHY didn't I take pictures of the food? Well, I'm a people photographer...a hungry people photographer! Seriously, my appetite got in the way of any potential photographs- lol.