Hello there, my name is Heidi. I'm a wearer of many hats- wife, mother of three, advocate, cheerleader, fixer of minor boo-boos, educator, chauffeur, chef (used loosely), maid, occupational therapist.... and photographer :) whew! It's a busy time we live in, I bet you can relate! My way of slowing things down and bringing focus has always been through photographs; looking at them, taking them, thinking about them. It's one of my greatest pleasures!


I Fell in love with photography with the birth of my now 15 year old son and have honed my craft through practice and study ever since. I started Lennypete Photography, along with my very supportive husband Michael, seven years ago and we have been loving every minute of it.


Capturing timeless memories for families is an amazing privilege and we've been so blessed to have met such wonderful people through this craft! We hope to add you and your family to the list!